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Our apps don't yet have good support for Windows 8 touch devices.  But, we will be addressing such devices in the near future.

Are you not able to manually open the keyboard to type characters into the login fields?

Can you please tell us which magazine and issue date you are trying to read on your Windows 8 device?  We have a Surface tablet in our office and I am able to load our digital publications on that tablet.

To be clear, are you unable to read the offline QST mags at all on your computer? Or are you able to read the offline book even though you have to log in each time?

Thank you for your feedback.  We do have plans to increase the resolution of the pages in the digital publications we deliver.  That upgrade should happen later this year. 

Don, the reason that the book is not loading is because your firewall is not allowing computers on your network to load files from  You will need to configure your firewall to allow the downloading of files from that domain name and then the book should load properly.

Did you subscribe to the digital version outside of the app?  If so, then the publisher should have supplied you with a username and password, which you will be prompted to enter once you tap on the Read button for an issue.
If you are not already subscribed to the digital version of the magazine, then you can subscribe in the app by clicking the Subscribe button at the top of the Catalog screen.  When you do that, you will be taken through the in-app purchasing process to purchase a subscription, which will require you to enter your iTunes account password.  Once you have subscribed, you will get access to the current issue and all future issues that fall into the time period of your subscription.
For back issues, you will need to purchase them via single-issue purchases.  You can do that by clicking the Purchase button that appears in the login window.  Clicking that Purchase button will take you through the in-app purchasing process and give you access to the single issue of the magazine.
Pinterest has been added to the Share function of our desktop browser app.
When you are zoomed in on a page, the mouse wheel already moves the page up and down.  Is that not happening for you?  If it's not happening, then can you please let us know what operating system (and version) and what web browser (and version) you are using to read the publication?

I disagree with you that Ctrl-Wheel would be intuitive.  I would never think to use the Ctrl button with the mouse wheel to do something in the app.  But, we can certainly look into such functionality.  Thanks for the idea.
Is the zoom slider bar blocking content you are trying to read?  If so, can you please post a link to the publication you are viewing and an example page that contains content that is blocked by zoom slider bar?  Thank you.
Can you please post a link to the publication you are viewing?

Can you please explain what you mean by "I click for Even More Zoom (E.M.Z.) "?  If you are already at the maximum zoom level, then I don't understand what you mean by that phrase.

Thank you.