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Message displayed on Win Phone 8 Mobile

Vince Baker 5 years ago 0

Hi, just recieved my subscription via email today for ASQ Quality Progress publication and clicked the Mobile Link. The link opened the browser on my mobile (Nokia Lumia 920 MS Windows Phone 8) and was shown a page suggesting I contact you as the platform is not yet recognized.


Unable to read Nxtbook QST issues offline in Air

David Pearson 5 years ago • updated by Hank Little 5 years ago 4

 Your feedback page does not appear to show everything in IE9 for one thing.  Also I am unable to view ARRL QST mags offline, it keeps asking for username/password.  I am able to log into the ARRL website and view Nxtbook via the browser in IE and Firefox

I don't think I will use Nxtbook for other magazines until I am able to read QST offline.  Just wish ARRL went with Kindle or the Nook for distribution. I have no problems with those formats


Suggestion of FR in Omniture

Jean Jerome Sache 6 years ago • updated 6 years ago 0
One of our clients suggested the following regarding the Omniture system: 
Create an automatic template linked to the advertisers list/index (if available), in which all information is recap for them (pages view, time spent, clicked links). 
I don't know if it makes sense or not but it seems a good idea.

windows 8 support

Rodney Willis 5 years ago • updated by Nxtbook Media 5 years ago 2

As a subscriber to one of your customer's products, I would like to see support for Windows RT devices such as the Microsoft Surface. The magazine does not currently render on this device.


Bookmarks on iPad app

Elzabi Van Wyk 4 years ago • updated by Duane Fregoe 4 years ago 1
I mostly read my subscription on the iPad app. However, it does not allow bookmarks/notes on pages, even if I have downloaded the issue. I constantly need to refer back to various articles but have no means to do so. Could you PLEASE look into introducing this feature on the app? (as is on the online reader)

desktop window PC

Guy 5 years ago • updated by NxtbookMedia 5 years ago 1
is there a way that I could save only 1 or 2 articles from the download instead of having the whole download??

Log Always denied

Andrea Mil Pontinhos 6 years ago • updated by Nxtbook Media 6 years ago 4
Hi, I have a digital subscription from Cloth, Paper and Scissors Magazine and always, every month when I try to log in always denied to me, last month I complained and I got to log in but this month always the same issue, we can not recover password or even account number to ckeck "what  is going on" in this log in page (the worst that I have seen) my account number is 1969580, can please check whatt is wrong always with my account? I sent a e-mail with more details to Thanks in advanced.

Andrea Escorcio

unable to open

David Craig 6 years ago • updated by Nxtbook Media 6 years ago 2
I purchased a subscription of an ase study guide on 3/15/2012 and i am unable to opopen it anymore. it says its reached the maximum number of computers that i can read it on. ive only ever opened it on my home computer!! so thinking there was a glitch, I purchased another one of the same guide, and it says the same thing!!. how do i get my money back for both of these purchases? i feel ripped off big time.

booklet won't pull up 4 years ago 0